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At Forgica Shop, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best barber aprons. We know that once people try on our aprons, they love them, but it takes a lot of work for us to get the word out about our aprons. We’ve found that one of the best ways to promote our barber aprons is by asking our customers to help.
We know that writing reviews, taking photos, and shooting videos take time, and we greatly appreciate the help of our customers. That’s why we’ve put together the following promotional programs that entitle you to free gifts and discounts for promoting Forgica Shop.

Video Reviews help people see how item look and learn more about them, and they’re a great promotional tool. If you make a reward video and then post it on YouTube or send us, we’ll give you a $100 discount coupon as a thank you. Be honest in your review; you’ll get the coupon no matter what the content says.

What To Consider For Making Video Review



After submitting the video let us know through email