Professional Straight Edge Folding Wood Handle


Condition:       Brand New
Material:         Japanese Stainless Steel
Finishing:        Wood handle
Color:              Brown

This product is a flexible stainless steel refined, moderate elasticity, the use of very labor-saving, angled design,Lightweight,compact and convenient,can be put in the purse.
Perfect for both professional use and personal use.

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The most classier razors on FORGICA at this price! – Limited offer!
The handle is made of pure wood and we have kept it 100% natural, there is Titanium Black.
We have removed the reverts and have installed a brass screw – which can be adjusted to get fine tuning
We have added the jimps (where your thumb rests) for much more greater grip
Comes in a FORGICA leather look pouch FREE 🙂

Wholesale: Contact us for wholesale prices. | Forgica 

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